VIP Blogger Network

As CORSET grows its relationships with major brands invested in ordinary people’s sexual empowerment, we’re looking for high-quality bloggers to partner with us as distribution partners and product reviewers.

CORSET VIP Bloggers will receive the following opportunities:

Monetary compensation for their blog posts and promotional efforts related to CORSET campaigns.

Access to high-profile CORSET events around the world

Free products from high-quality brands, spanning multiple industries

Cross-promotional opportunities for your blog/product in CORSET

Networking opportunities with other high-profile bloggers and major brands


A quality-looking, high-functioning content platform (i.e. you own a blog, website, or active YouTube page)

A consistent monthly audience of at least 10,000 readers or viewers

A highly active social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube

For more information, please email