Magazine Submissions

We believe in your real-life stories as catalysts sexual empowerment. We look for writers and photographers that are already part of our readership, and ready to share their own experiences of sexuality. Most are not “professionals,” but rather ordinary people open to writing their stories or photographing various skin colors and body types as sexy.

We want articles and photography that reflect the real you, authentic, powerful, and growing stronger in your sexual self. We accept original and previously published content.

Each of our issues has a theme related to sexuality that we give you for inspiration. Below are the dates for written and photographic contributions for future issue.

Vulvas & Vaginas – Issue 10
Pitch Deadline: Rolling
Final Submissions Due: July 1st

Description: Our tenth issue is a special one for the ladies, honoring the power and beauty of their genital anatomy. With documentaries like The Perfect Vagina suggesting many women hate their lady parts and mothers often struggling to teach their daughters about the glory of what’s down there, we’ll explore all things empowering about their vulvas and vaginas through personal stories, scientific research, how-to guides, illustrations, and vivid photography.

Email your pitches to and an editor will respond to your idea shortly.

Blog Submissions

We are not accepting guest posts at this time.