Is the magazine a print or digital publication?

CORSET is a digital publication, available as a downloadable PDF. You can download the magazine by clicking the “Download the Magazine” tab and clicking the issues you’d like to download. However, we are working on a coffee table book that will compile our past issues in a print format. Make sure you join our email list to the right to get updates on when it becomes available.

Why is the magazine a digital publication?

We are digital because we believe in immediate content distribution, the power of the Internet, honoring our readers’ request for privacy, and meeting an unlimited reader demand. The quality of our publication visually stunning and inviting due to our high standards for full color design and layout to complement our high quality content. You will love reading us on your computer, iPad, Kindle, or other tablet device.

How do I download each issue?

Click the “Download the Magazine” tab in the top navigation above. Click the issue or subscription  you’d like to purchase, and you’ll be re-directed to the product’s page. Then, press “Add to Cart.” (You can do this consecutively for as many issues as you’d like to purchase at once). When you’re done, press “Cart” in the left hand sidebar of the product page. Click “Checkout Now” and pay for your order via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to complete your purchase. PayPal accepts most major debit and credit cards.)

Once PayPal processes your payment (usually immediately), you’ll receive an email confirmation from Pulley App with a link to download each issue you ordered immediately after. (Side note: If an issue is labeled as pre-order – meaning it hasn’t been released yet – or if you are ordering a 6-issue subscription, you’ll receive a link to download each issue as they’re released in the future.)

Email orders@corsetmagazine.com if you have any further questions.

Is the magazine readable on iPad, Kindle, iPhones, and computers?

Yes, so long as your device can read a PDF file, it can read the magazine. Many of our readers enjoy each issue on their iPads and Kindles. However, most iPhones and smart phones cannot accommodate the size of the publication.

Can I order past issues of CORSET?

Yes, you can get past issues of CORSET regardless of how long they’ve been on the market. You can download past issues by clicking here.

How often do you publish?

Starting in 2013, the magazine will publish bi-monthly, releasing 6 issues total over the course of the year.

Can I write or submit photography for the magazine?

Please see our Submissions page for more details about contributing to the magazine.

How do I promote my business in the magazine?

Please see our Advertising page for more details about promoting your business in the magazine.